Episode 39: Navigating the BlockChain with Josh Halferty and Xander Yi of CryptoCurve



“I’m still amazed at what we’re trying to do, doesn’t already exist.”

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The social aspect of cryptocurrency
  • What makes blockchain technology have more permanence than other decentralized services?
  • What is the “hole” in the cryptocurrency space?
  • What is the Curve Wallet?

“If you don’t have a product for the everyday consumer, what does it mean? Why is it there?”



  • The importance of bridging the gap between technical innovations and ease-of-use consumer friendly services
  • Why it’s a great time to invest in cryptocurrency technologies
  • What’s attracting very experienced professionals to this new “wild wild west” market?
  • Why blockchain is becoming rapidly popular on a global scale



  • Why blockchain is similar to the beginning of the iPhone
  • Finding ourselves at a tipping point, how do we leverage this technology for the greater good?
  • How blockchain is providing financial access to the world (echoing internet infancy)
  • What are the ramifications of permanent history that organically grows itself?

“We are so passionate about what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to do for the world that it’s a mission worth chasing.”


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