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We’re glad you want to spread the word about Spiral Marketing! Referrals from satisfied clients and friends like you are a key part of our continued growth. Here are some easy ways you can add value.


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Know someone at an organization who needs digital marketing help and may have the budget to work with us? Thank you for thinking of us!

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Our prospects check us out on Linkedin. If you’ve worked with us in the past then your Testimonial via “Recommendation” is social proof which is a major reason people buy. Ready to help us get more great customers?

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Google Reviews are great for SEO. A few sentences and 5 stars goes a long way.


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Do you love our Podcast and want to help us “elevate more brands”? Apple iTunes is the 500lb Gorilla in Podcast-land. Help us stand out with a genuine positive review and 5-stars.

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Stitcher is the second most used podcast platform. You might use this if you have an Android device. Want to help us get more of these listeners? You rock!


Let’s be a part of each other’s community

Let’s network online so we can help each other’s online community and business thrive. We’ll look forward to the opportunity to help your business online just as you’ve helped ours

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