Our SEO Audit Will Push You Ahead of the Competition

Drawing on the deep technical expertise at Spiral Marketing, we’ll provide your team with a detailed look at the various factors affecting your search results.

How can we help you?

Do you wonder why your site rarely if ever garners a top listing when customers search for related products and services?

Chances are, your website isn’t optimized for search engine performance.

We can help. Our experienced team analyzes the dozens of technical and non-technical elements that drive search results and packages them into a final report that serves as a blueprint for implementation. It’s why world-class organizations and leading other ad agencies refer to us when they need help climbing up the rankings.

Our Holistic Seo Audit Provides A Thorough Look At:


Search engines need to find information about your site in order for it to rank well. But that doesn’t happen when your site isn’t configured and organized properly. We’ll examine the code and technical parameters to score how well firms like Google and Bing can locate your site.


As with any inventory of assets, We’ll analyze how well search engines can index your pages, content, text, images and videos so your site can gain better rankings. To maximize exposure, we’ll make sure there’s no duplication of pages on your site or on other fraudulent sites by scanning your content with comparative external site scans.

Content and Page Ranking Analysis

Our exhaustive audit involves both a page-level and a domain-level evaluation of the content on your site. We’ll check a range of factors, including whether repetitive keywords and content are diluting your search ranking ability and whether poor URL structuring is holding back your performance.

External Ranking Factors

Search engine algorithms factor in the reputation of other sites linking to yours, as well as the quality of social engagement you generate.Our audit includes a breakdown of how these outside factors are currently affecting your credibility, so you can unleash your true SEO potential.

Competitive Analysis

Spiral’s competitive analysis is one of the tools that clients love to talk about most, and for good reason. Your team will be able to compare your site to that of key rivals in terms of how they rank on important keywords and the quality of links leading into each site.

Keyword Review

Leveraging services like Google Analytics, Google Adwords Keywords Tools, Bing Keyword Research, MOZ and our own proprietary Bot scans, our experts will evaluate the state of your keywords strategy and identify opportunities to draw a larger audience.

Leads from organic search results are consistently one of the highest-converting traffic sources. Our team will be happy to discuss your search performance and provide a custom quote for a comprehensive SEO Audit. “Elevate your Brand” with Spiral Marketing today!