Episode 35: Crossing Through the Chasm Between Journalism and Marketing with Simon Owens

“The best content marketing tries to stay true to the facts and is informed as much as possible.”

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why original researched content is necessary for long term growth
  • How to open lines of communication with top players in your industry
  • What happened when Simon helped people block their exes online
  • What’s better: Four people pay you $2500 a month, or 2500 people pay you $4 a month?

“You have to manage expectations properly.”

Content Marketers

  • Why it’s hard to stand on your own principles as a marketer (bias is unavoidable)
  • The importance of working on your own content
  • Why you should talk directly with industry influencers
  • Why you shouldn’t forget about your own archive (especially for your new readers)


  • Where does objectivity end and brand bias begin?
  • Why you should be reading large amounts of content
  • Why it’s getting harder to attract eyeballs and ears to your message
  • Why buying social media attention is becoming unavoidable (even The New York Times has to)


“Figure out what you’re actually an expert in and then start brainstorming content that you can create around that.”

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