Episode 41: Free Up Your Time with Virtual Assistants



“You have to hire if you wanna take it to the next level.”


Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why 50% of the workforce will be remote in 10 years
  • How to have more time for yourself but still thrive in your business
  • Similarities and differences between remote and traditional hiring
  • How believing in a product or service really motivates you


My mom always said work hard play hard.



  • The risks and rewards of remote hiring (soon to be the normative)
  • What keeps us moving forward despite constant rejection
  • Why virtual assistants can really make the difference between success and failure
  • How you can have a high success rate in hiring processes



  • Why the entrepreneurial ride is way more fun than the typical 9-5
  • Why you should routinely get away from your business (reflection time)
  • What’s the faster way to get access to top talent?
  • How to turn weaknesses into strengths


“Prioritize your tasks and get them off your plate.”

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