Episode 51: Peter Corbett on Life Beyond Early Agency Retirement & Exit from iStrategyLabs


“I retired officially at the ripe old age of 36”


Peter Corbett is a highly awarded successfully retired/exited founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs – an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year agency that developed campaigns and innovative solutions to clients ranging from Ford to the Mr. Robot TV series, Facebook, and Volkswagen just to name a few. He is now spends his time helping the sick and dying, periodically letting mostly startup mentees pick his brain and enjoying early retirement.

He’s our latest guest on the Spiral Marketing Podcast to question what aspects of our life we trade to advance our careers.

Peter provided a rare post-retirement interview. He generously shared how he was raised by a single mother and needed to hustle to buy Nintendo games and candy.

Leverage Peter’s unique perspective on why our career’s sole purpose shouldn’t kill our soul’s purpose in this illuminating episode.

I realized the only worthwhile thing to do would be to alleviate suffering in some way shape or form.

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What does it mean to be “familiar” with death? How does this inspire someone to celebrate life?
  • Considering the mindset difference from helping people with systems of scale versus one to one.
  • How do you measure value? How does trauma play a role in our professional lives?
  • Learn the importance of recognizing our advantages and disadvantages

Really take a look at what you’re doing and if it’s not essential, I don’t know how sustainable it’s going to be.

On Digital Marketing

  • For every success and failure, are you being kind to yourself?
  • How can contemplative practice benefit your personal and professional life?
  • Is your self worth tied to your career goals? Can you anchor this compulsion toward a positive end?


  • In which context is scaling irrelevant?
  • Why you should identify what you really want and acknowledge what you will trade to achieve that goal (happiness, family, and friends)
  • What would happen if you treat your business the way you treat yourself?

We’re whipping ourselves with this negative monkey mind chatter.

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