Episode 50: Market Domination and Adaptation with Seth Greene

“You’ve got to keep the images moving. Otherwise, people’s attention starts to drop and they start multitasking.”

Seth Greene is a nationally recognized marketer and the only person to be nominated three times for the GKIC Dan Kennedy Marketer of the Year Award.

He’s our latest guest on the Spiral Marketing Podcast to tell businesses and entrepreneurs there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel we’re in. 

If you feel your business or entrepreneurial endeavor can bring more value to the market as competitors struggle to virtualize their business, this episode can explain the big picture about what you should pay attention to.

Enjoy our discussion about how to retain your current clients and expand your career pursuits.

“If you’re not excited and passionate about what you’ve got to offer, and that doesn’t come across on camera, it won’t work.”

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How are businesses responding to Covid ramifications?
  • Why some high performing marketers are busier than ever before
  • How Netflix and YouTube influence your web content (even if it isn’t a video)
  • Compelling reasons why many businesses will not return to pre-Covid business practices

“When I started pretty much all we had was direct mail and print advertising.”


  • How can you offer value to potential clients online?
  • The power of tradition and why your audience wants to stick with you
  • The benefits of giving people value for free
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on tried and true marketing methods


  • What you should pay attention to when people have short attention spans
  • Can you replicate brick and mortar success online easily?
  • How can a pandemic increase your local reach to national or even global success?

“Big companies have dramatically cut down on how much mail they’re sending, which leaves less competition and more of a vacuum to be filled by smart marketers like you and me.”

Where to learn more about and reach Seth Greene:

  • marketdominationllc.com

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