Episode 49: Meaningful Contributions in Marketing with Tara Clever from MarginEdge

“It’s a time for us to start to be more disciplined around the way we position ourselves.”

Tara Clever is the Vice President of Marketing at MarginEdge, a company that streamlines key processes for restaurants. She’s on this episode to discuss how the pandemic can lead to opportunities with the right data and empathy.

Has your value proposition changed? Customer data is now more important than since the pandemic changed spending behaviour.

Examining this new climate through the lens of marketing, sales, and an entrepreneurial spirit, can lead to new avenues of opportunities to build long lasting business relationships.

“Are we saying something meaningful? Are we saying what’s already been said?”

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The discipline it really takes to cut through the noise of the unnecessary
  • How companies find creative ways to modify their business model
  • What you should do when everything you know about your business will change
  • Why certain brands will achieve more success over competitors as customers become more digitally savvy

“We understand the pain, we know the lingo, this is part of our DNA.”


  •  The role of transparency between companies and customers
  •  What you should take away from a crisis
  •   The benefits of seeing the world through an experimental lens (agile startups to seasoned ventures)
  •  How data can minimize the “blame game” to optimize growth strategies


  •  What does your community expect from you during changing times?
  •  Why entertain the possibility of failure and success equally?
  •  Why it’s not a good idea to make assumptions about what your customers want

“Most owners and operators have a story that connects them to the product or company that they’ve built.”

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