Episode 25: Mastering Crowdfunding with Brandon T. Adams

Brandon T Adams is an Inventor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Podcast Host of University of Young Entrepreneurs. Having Invented Arctic Stick, and buying a tri-state Ice distributorship at just 22 years old, he recognized the main obstacles of getting started–lack of Funds and Resources. Brandon launched the University of Young Entrepreneurs to help support other entrepreneurs and assist them with getting their ideas Funded. Regularly, Brandon appears on TV across the country promoting crowdfunding campaigns to the masses!

“Anything is possible. All the work that you do now can affect you for years to come. If you want something bad enough—focus on it, consume your mind with it, and put in the steps necessary to make it happen.”

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why setting a specific goal is key to a successful campaign
  • How to build potential backers prior to campaign launch
  • How to manage a dedicated Ambassador Program
  • How to set (crucial) campaign timing
  • How to be personally involved as a leader in promoting the campaign
  • Work with a team with expertise in relevant areas
  • Make sure people will see where their money is going

Types of Crowdfunding:

  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Reward based crowdfunding

Snapchat: btadams18

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