Episode 6: Podcast Marketing with John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

Photo of John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on FireJohn Lee Dumas is the Host and Founder of the extremely popular Podcast – EntrepreneurOnFire, awarded ‘Best of iTunes 2013’. John interviews Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. He has been featured in Forbes, INC, & TIME Magazine. EntrepreneurOnFire generates over $200,000 a month. EntrepreneurOnFire generates over 750,000 unique listens a month. You can listen to these 700 plus episodes and more can be found at EOFire.com.

Questions for John Lee Dumas:

  1. Would you define Podcast Marketing as it’s own Category?
    • Absolutely.
  2. How is Marketing for Podcasts different from traditional Marketing?
    • Podcasting is so personal, genuine, one on one with the listener. It’s a different and more intimate experience.
  3. What keeps you passionate about Podcast Marketing?
    • The ripple effect! How inspired people do amazing things and inspire other people.
  4. How did your past bring you to becoming such a great Podcast Marketer?
    • Diverse past including as an Officer in the US Army, law school commercial & residential real estate. Swiss army knife approach to leadership.
  5. What trait that makes you uniquely predisposed for huge success in Podcasting?
    • Extremely disciplined.
  6. Favorite acronym?
    • FOCUS – Follow One’s Course Until Success.
  7. Do you have a favorite question that you like to ask to challenge yourself
    • What did you do today that made you uncomfortable?
  8. What do Podcast Marketers need to do to become better?
    • Focus on being more authentic.
  9. What inspires your style of Leadership?
    • Back in his military days John found that most respected people who were in his chain of command were those who were willing and able to take responsibility for everyone above and below their chain of command.
  10. What sets apart the Decent Podcast Marketers from the Best Podcast Marketers?
    • Authenticity. Find your authentic voice.
  11. Do you see a role for Marketing Consultancies and Advertising Agencies in the World of Podcasting?
    • Absolutely, the numbers support amazing growth!
    • “Before long, everyone is going to be listening to Podcasts.”
  12. What do you think a day in the life of a Podcast Marketer should look like?
    • Being authentic – with your podcasts, in your social media interactions, in your emails, at events, and with your brand!
  13. Do you have a favorite story of Podcast Marketing?
    • The community of Podcasters’ Paradise is over 1400 with a collective voice reaching millions of listeners.
    • A lady who was able to launch her show to, was able to put a down payment on her dream house.
  14. How do you think the World of Podcasting will change in the next 5 or so years?
    • Barriers are coming down now that Stitcher radio is going into people’s car dashboards, and bluetooth / streaming are everywhere.
  15. Which change in the industry are you most excited about?
    • Apple Carplay, Android Auto going into cars.
  16. What’s the next project for John Lee Dumas?
    • 3 week Podcasting course connected to
  17. This is another question that I’ve heard you ask but what is your favorite advice that you’ve ever received related to Podcast Marketing?
    • (In life in general) “Try not to become a person of success but try to be a person of value.” – Albert Einstein.
  18. Learn more and reach John at www.EOFIRE.com

BONUS: John is gifting our listeners with a free copy of his book “Podcast Launch” here

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