Episode 13: Rocking Your Brand with Melanie Spring from Sisarina


Melanie Spring is the Chief Inspiration Officer of Sisarina, a DC-based brand strategy agency. Melanie works with people to set big goals and create a realistic plan for accomplishing them. As a branding expert, she focuses on helping business-to-business organizations and non-profits be more human in their branding and marketing approach while inspiring the humans inside of them.

Melanie toured the US on the Live Your Brand Tour.  collecting stories from businesses living their brand, now published in Entrepreneur Magazine. She travels internationally with talks on rocking your brand, your content, your sales, your pitch, your life, and your humans.

The Story behind Sisarina:

Sisarina was Melanie’s imaginary friend when she was 4. It’s the word “sister” and “ballerina” smushed together.

Just a few of the great insights:

Marketing is really just flirting.

Business isn’t business to business or business to consumer. It’s human to human.

There’s so much to branding it’s ridiculous. It’s not just the logo anymore.

In order to rock your brand you have to want to.

I know that it’s really necessary to standout by rocking your brand.

Question to Self to Perform Better:

How can I be an inspiration?

Her Calling:

  • Melanie’s calling in life is to inspire people. Being an inspiration in whatever capacity she possibly can be is why she do what she does everyday.
  • The hope that something can be is what she lives for everyday.
  • Hope is the basis for everything. There is always hope that something can be better or bigger or greater or easier.

Her Mantra:

Inspire hope. Dream bigger.

How to make entrepreneurs and marketers better in the branding space:

Talk like humans. Every time you do your marketing, use this analogy— Think about writing a letter. Every time you write something, write something where you would have to put an address  and then stamp on it and take it somewhere. That’s how you should do your marketing.

Top 5 Unexpected Insights:

  1. Human to human piece. We have to be humans talking to humans not buildings talking to buildings.
  2. Marketing is flirting. Does the marketing you’re doing and the brand you have match? You have to attract the right people. And make sure that when you do attract them that you’re the right brand for them.
  3. When you’re a Solopreneur, don’t think about yourself as a Solopreneur. Think about where you plan to be 5 years from now. And create a plan that is written out in the sense that you know I’m here at this moment.
  4. Buckets. If you’re working on your marketing and you can only fill 3 buckets with marketing information. You have to name those buckets and you can’t share anything that doesn’t fit in the bucket. How much easier would it be for you to come up with marketing ideas?
  5. Play the always never game with your team or yourself.  


“Your brand is what everyone else is saying about you. Not what you say about yourself.” – Melanie

“You can’t be hard core unless you live hard core.” -School of rock

“Be who you were created to be and you’ll set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena

Admired Leader in Marketing:

Seth Godin – Because he thinks of things differently than other people do.

Favorite Blogger:

Scott Stratten (UnMarketing) – He tells about marketing in a way that she wouldn’t but wishes she could.

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