Regional Private School

How Spiral Marketing Boosted Site Conversions
through Google Ads for This VIRGINIA Private School


This wonderful school approached Spiral
Marketing in order to increase its web and social media presence in a crowded, competitive field. The ultimate goal was to increase the number of enrolled students at its facility.

Problem Summary

This brilliant institution needed to differentiate itself against large competitors, to increase
its online presence, and to
increase the number of
enrolled students.


After speaking with faculty, assessing the current situation, and determining the needs and goals of the client, Spiral Marketing devised a digital marketing strategy and campaign. This included pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising through Google Ads, search engine optimization (SEO) for strategy, web design and development, and reporting to ensure tracked results and a continuous, nimble refinement
of strategy.

To improve the overall quality of tracking and assessment, several new conversion goals were introduced, such as open houses and “contact us” submissions, and non-conversion goals were removed. This included metrics such as “time on site” and “contact us” views.

Solution Summary

  • Implemented a strategically devised plan that
    included ads, SEO, web design, and reporting
  • Fine-tuned existing strategy to focus on conversion and enrollment

The Results

After implementing the program, particularly impressive growth showed. Total PPC leads (trackeded by calls and conversions) increased annually by 900%, total Google Ads clicks increased annually by 3,337%, and total PPC traffic increased annually by 1,266%. These numbers played a significant role in a monthly increase of 138% in total site conversions. Contributing to improved return on investment (ROI), the school saw their cost per click decrease annually by 93%.