Real Estate Marketing Case Study

RE/MAX Executives

How Spiral Marketing Used Content and Strategy to Encourage Leads to Flow into This Real Estate Agency

Challenge Overcome

Working in an incredibly competitive and crowded space, this Virginia-based real estate agency was having trouble differentiating itself. Started over thirty years ago, this branch of the RE/MAX family began before the heyday of the Internet, and they lacked any program or infrastructure to entice qualified leads that could then be converted into sales. The website was also unintuitive and didn’t allow visitors to easily identify suitable properties.

Challenge Summary

  • Required differentiation in a competitive space
  • Lacked a lead-generation program
  • Operated with an unintuitive website


Spiral Marketing developed a branding strategy tailored to the agency’s individual personalities, its awards, and the trust earned after thirty years in the business. To highlight the fun, outgoing essence of the broker, we developed a branded slogan with the words “Talk to Ray.” A full content marketing strategy and plan was devised and implemented in order to engage users, to raise awareness, and to prompt conversions. The elements of the program included search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media posts and advertising on various platforms, blogs, and newsletters. Reporting was done regularly to assess successes and to refine strategy. We also used data related to site visitor behavior in order to redesign the site for increased lead generation and user experience (UX).

Solution Summary

  • Created a branded slogan (“Talk to Ray”)
  • Implemented a full content marketing strategy, including SEO, PPC/Google Ads, social media posts and advertising, content creation (blogs and a newsletter), and reporting
  • Redesigned the website to increase lead generation and UX

The Results

As a result of our simplified website navigation, users enjoyed a more streamlined experience. Large icons on the home page helped quickly direct people to their destinations, whether they wanted to buy, to sell, or to rent a property. We also eliminated redirection issues and irrelevant search results, ultimately decreasing the bounce rate by 14% and increasing page views per session by 18%. Redesign ensured the site was equally functional and easy to navigate on cell phones and tablets.

The content marketing efforts yielded a 77% yearly increase of all traffic, a 1,500% yearly increase of total PPC leads, and a 211% yearly increase of organic search traffic. Particularly important to Realtors, Zillow calls increased monthly by 267%. By analyzing data and continually revising strategy, the total cost per lead also decreased yearly by 40%.

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