Business Awards Profit from Over 6,000% Increase in PPC Conversions

Recognized International Awards Company

How Spiral Marketing Delivered a 6,175% Annual Jump in
PPC Conversions for These Premier Business Awards


Created in 2002, this organization is a collection of business awards competitions. Across various categories they recognize business-related accomplishments, excellence, and contributions of organizations and individuals across the globe. They approached Spiral Marketing to majorly increase their editorial volume of blogs. They were also in need of an enterprise-level SEO audit and restructuring plan.

Problem Summary

  • The organization wished to have more success with their PPC efforts, and they sought to bolster awareness, traffic, and conversions through increased content production.
  • The organization needed the technical expertise and knowledge to initiate an enterprise-level SEO audit and restructuring plan.


Spiral Marketing implemented a digital marketing strategy that included extensive content creation (social media posts, blogs, and newsletters), as well as social media advertising. Spiral Marketing developed and implemented a streamlined process for interviewing recent award winners, creating eight monthly article features that enhanced brand awareness and illustrated value to prospective entrants. An enterprise-level SEO audit was conducted and a restructuring plan was implemented based on those results. There was a particular emphasis placed on the client’s PPC Google Ads campaigns. Reporting was provided to track results, gain insights, and adjust strategy where necessary.

Solution Summary

  • Completed an SEO audit and adjusted existing SEO strategy
  • Implemented a digital marketing campaign that included PPC and social media ads, as well as content creation
  • Underpinned the campaign with SEO strategy and reporting

The Results

After working with Spiral Marketing, the organization became convinced of the efficacy of our pay-per-click (PPC) efforts, and they went down a new path that led to major results. The organization ultimately saw a dramatic increase in traffic, leads, and conversions. Social media efforts resulted in a 464% annual increase in overall social traffic. Total site leads increased annually by 306%, and total organic site conversions increased monthly by 237%. SEO efforts contributed to an annual increase of 173% in organic non-branded traffic. PPC conversions were particularly effective, with a 6,175% annual increase. In addition to lucrative conversions, Spiral Marketing also contributed to a positive return on investment (ROI) by decreasing the cost per Google Ads lead annually by 98%.