PRODUCERS – to write more concisely for the web.

We are the ADHD generation.

We flit from one idea to another. This presents a problem for business writing which generally needs to be logical, linear, and cohesive to be efficient. This also holds true for most writing on the web.

You need to capture attention and deliver value immediately. This post will give you a process to write more effective business communications. The formula below is a one-word spin on a seminar taken years ago: PRODUCERS.

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  • P: Plan
  • R: Research
  • O: Omit
  • D: Deduce
  • U: Unify
  • C: Clarify
  • E: Edit
  • R: Review / Revise
  • S: Send/Submit

If you’re creating then you’re technically being a Producer so here is your PRODUCERS formula. Now go forth and do great work!

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