What Does it Mean to Practice Mindful Marketing?

Mindful Marketing Will Help You Make Better Decisions, Especially in a Time of Crisis


Slow Down, Take in the Reality, and Make Wise Decisions with the Mindful Marketing Principles

  The challenges businesses are facing today in the aftermath of this crisis are unprecedented, as are the circumstances. Marketing plays an essential part in connecting with your target audience and growing your business. So, the question we’re asking is what can business leaders do in this time of heightened pressure and uncertainty.  

Consider Mindful Marketing Practices.

A few years ago, award winning public speaker and author, Lisa Nirell, was a guest on the Spiral Marketing Podcast to discuss Mindful Marketing with host Karl Boehm. As the world faces one of the largest pandemics in history, Lisa’s insight seems appropriate, and perhaps even necessary. Have you felt like doing more is best, only to find yourself spinning in a hamster wheel?  Lisa encourages us to find our inner marketing guru: “Instead of doing more, be more.” Mindfulness is defined as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”  In marketing, mindfulness helps us look for solutions that best serve the customer.  To do this, Lisa suggests daily check-ins — slowing down to see things differently.
  • What’s different this week in my business versus last week?
  • What’s different this morning versus yesterday?
  • What’s working in my performance? What isn’t working?
  • What am I grateful for and what are my intentions?
Mindfulness transforms the way you connect with your ideal customer.  Lisa discusses training our brains to learn discernment — to observe one’s mind and assess where it’s going. For marketers, that means taking the time to stop and step away from busyness towards clarity. During the current climate of pressure and uncertainty, mindful marketing is key. We referenced aspects of Mindful Marketing in our blog at the start of the pandemic. They include humanizing your business, building loyalty, and focusing on values over products and services, leaving new ways to find and attract customers through empathy and greater awareness. During the podcast, Lisa identified “mindless marketing” behaviors that prevent us from being effective, such as being order takers, rather than strategists. In Mindful Marketing, by creating awareness and identifying specific behaviors that are mindful (not mindless), we can be intentional with our actions. Essentially, we are slowing down to reflect and consider our next best move.  

What are the qualities of a mindful marketer?

One of those qualities is being objective. An objective approach allows marketing to be data driven, rather than emotionally driven. The result is informed decisions, since what we like, or what we want, isn’t necessarily what our customers want.  

What specific actions will you take to optimize your behavior?

Mindful Marketing uses empathy to gain a clearer, more active understanding of the customer. By being empathetic, brands recognize their customer’s needs and identify how to provide increased value Maybe you’ve lost perspective in your marketing campaigns. Has a recent project been de-railed by conflicting interests? Take the time to check-in, be mindful, and discern what is effective. Cut through the noise to focus on your end-customer’s needs. Adopt a specific, purposeful strategy with clear intentions, and be a Mindful Marketer.

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